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Wedding Reception Candy Buffet

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Wedding Reception Candy Buffet Ideas

Organising a wedding can really give you the chance to put your own stamp on every part of the day. Whether that is your colour scheme or perhaps those extra treats that you give your guests. One popular addition to weddings at the moment is the Candy Buffet. A take on the pick and mix nature of a standard buffet but with the added treat of well, treats.

Candy Buffets give your guests the chance to indulge their sweet tooth and come the middle of the reception, give them all a little sugar boost which will have them up and ready to go. You might think that a Candy Buffet doesn’t have a whole lot of room for customisation. After all, they are an assortment of sweets in jars that your guests choose from; however, the truth is that a Candy Buffet is actually a great way to personalise your reception.

Give it a retro theme

Want your guests to feel a little nostalgic? Then why not theme your sweet choices to include those of our childhoods. Whether you were a huge fan of flying saucers or loved the taste of liquorice; giving your guests access to their favourite childhood treats is a sure fire way to have them smiling.

Personalise the bags

Another great idea we have seen when it comes to sweet buffets is to personalise the bags or cups that the guests will collect their sweets in. This could be with the date of your wedding or perhaps a message to them all to thank them for coming. No matter what you decide, it is a great way to show them that you simply appreciate them being there.

Make them a decoration

Rather than having a simple table well stocked with sweets, why not transform your sweet buffet into an extra stylish part of your day? Match the bags with the colour scheme of your wedding and even have ribbons tied around the jars to make sure that they complement the colours too.

You could even have random pictures of you guys as a couple on the jars, or even some great pictures of the guests themselves, the choices really are endless.

Whatever you decide to do, a Candy Buffet at your wedding reception is not only great fun but also gives you the chance to thank each and every one of your guests for sharing this extra special day with you; after what says you care more than a candy heart?

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