Choco Marshmallow
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Choco Marshmallow Machine

Over the years, the chocolate fountain has become an ever popular addition to events and parties around the world. But one thing is for sure, they are not always the healthiest (or neatest) of treats to have.

Here at Kool Kandy we know that there is another way, which is why we present to you our Choco Marshmallow machine, available to hire for your event. Combining marshmallows with rich melted chocolate, the perfectly delicious combination that will tantalise all of your guests taste buds.

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Here at Kool Kandy we provide everything that you need in order to create these tasty treats. The chocolate, the marshmallows (of course), the sticks for dipping and a variety of different sprinkles and toppings which give each dipped marshmallow a fun and colourful look.

You also get a holder to not only display your creations but allow them to dry off so that your guests don’t get chocolate down their finest cloths.

Whether it is for a wedding, team event or perhaps a children’s party; these Choco Marshmallows are the ideal addition to any celebration and best of all, your guests can enjoy a naughty treat that is a little healthier than other alternatives.

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